UH3 Project: Collaborative Care for Chronic Pain in Primary Care (PPACT)

UH3 Project: Collaborative Care for Chronic Pain in Primary Care (PPACT)

Principal Investigator: Lynn DeBar, PhD

Sponsoring Institution: Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research


  • Kaiser Permanente regional health systems in Georgia, Northwest, and Hawaii
  • Oregon Health and Science University

NIH Institutes Providing Oversight:

Program Official: Linda Porter (NINDS)

Project Scientist: Sarah Duffy (NIDA)

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02113592

Study Locations: Primary care clinics in 3 regional health systems 

Trial Status: Completed

Common chronic pain conditions are expensive and pervasive, affect at least 116 million American adults at an annual cost of $560 billion in direct medical treatment costs and lost productivity, and disproportionately affect vulnerable populations. Pain is the primary reason patients seek medical care, and as the first point of contact, primary care providers (PCPs) deliver the majority of that care. But PCPs face many challenges in managing patients’ care and often have little specific training in pain medicine. Yet with proper system support, PCPs are in the best position to coordinate long-term pain management.

PPACT is a large mixed-methods, pragmatic, cluster-randomized clinical trial conducted in 3 regions of Kaiser Permanente health systems: Northwest, Georgia, and Hawaii. The PPACT trial is evaluating integration of multidisciplinary services within the primary care environment compared with usual care in these settings. The trial combines a number of treatment approaches, including physical therapy and psychological interventions. Patients will be supported in taking a more active role in managing their pain, and primary care providers will receive additional support and guidance in treating patients with chronic pain.

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