Funding Statement

Funding Statement

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory Coordinating Center is supported by the NIH Common Fund, through a cooperative agreement from the Office of Strategic Coordination within the Office of the NIH Director. The views presented here are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.


Grant Numbers

Title Principal investigator(s) Grant number(s)
Coordinating Center
NIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory Coordinating Center Hernandez, Adrian; Curtis, Lesley; Weinfurt, Kevin 5U54AT007748-04 1U24AT009676-01
Demonstration Projects
A Policy-Relevant U.S. Trauma Care System Pragmatic Trial for PTSD and Comorbidity (Trauma Survivors Outcomes and Support [TSOS]) Zatzick, Douglas 1UH2MH106338-01
Active Bathing to Eliminate (ABATE) Infection Huang, Susan 1UH2AT007769-01  UH3AI113337
Collaborative Care for Chronic Pain in Primary Care (PPACT) DeBar, Lynn 1UH2AT007788-01 4UH3NS088731-02
Improving Chronic Disease Management with Pieces (ICD-Pieces) Vazquez, Miguel 1UH2DK104655-01
Lumbar Imaging with Reporting of Epidemiology (LIRE) Jarvik, Jeffrey 1UH2AT007766-01  UH3AR066795
Pragmatic Trial of Video Education in Nursing Homes (PROVEN) Mor, Vincent; Volandes, Angelo; Mitchell, Susan 1UH2AG049619-01 4UH3AG049619-02
Strategies and Opportunities to Stop Colorectal Cancer (STOP CRC) Coronado, Gloria; Green, Beverly 1UH2AT007782-01  4UH3CA188640-02
Suicide Prevention Outreach Trial (SPOT) Simon, Gregory 1UH2AT007755-01  4UH3MH007755-02
Time to Reduce Mortality in End-Stage Renal Disease (TiME) Dember, Laura 1UH2AT007797-01  4UH3DK102384-02
A Blood Pressure Medication Timing Study (BPMedTime) Rosenthal, Gary 1UH2AT007784-01


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