May 19, 2020: New Updates to What is a Pragmatic Clinical Trial Chapter in the Living Textbook

The NIH Collaboratory regularly refreshes content in the Living Textbook in order to offer a robust collection of resources to the wider research community about how to plan and implement a pragmatic clinical trial. We invite you to explore recent additions to the introductory chapter What Is a Pragmatic Clinical Trial?

Highlights include information on the broader embedded PCT (ePCT) ecosystem, an updated table describing the 19 Collaboratory Demonstration Projects, a new illustration of the PRECIS-2 continuum, webinars on how to start a PCT, and more.

“The Living Textbook reflects a collection of expert consensus regarding special considerations, standard approaches, and best practices in the design, conduct, and reporting of PCTs.” – Dr. Kevin Weinfurt, Editor-in-Chief of the Living Textbook

Sections in What is a Pragmatic Clinical Trial include:

  1. Why Are We Talking About Pragmatic Trials?
  2. The Embedded Pragmatic Clinical Trial Ecosystem
  3. Differentiating Between RCTs, PCTs, and Quality Improvement Activities
  4. Pragmatic Elements: An Introduction to PRECIS-2
  5. Key Considerations for PCTs
  6. Additional Resources