May 18, 2020: Two New Sections in the Living Textbook Describe Incentives for Sharing Data Sets and Preparing for Data Sharing

Drs. Adrian Hernandez, Greg Simon, and Rich Platt of the NIH Collaboratory have authored two new sections of the Living Textbook as part of an ongoing commitment to sharing resources and data.

  • Incentive Structure and Citations for Data Sets
    • This section calls for a revision of the appointment, promotion, and tenure (APT) process to incorporate effective data sharing into decision-making and to recognize and credit creators of data sets that gain meaningful use by others.
  • Preparing for Data Sharing
    • This section describes how to prepare for data and resource sharing throughout the embedded PCT (ePCT) lifecycle, including during grant submission, trial registration, conduct, and dissemination.

All NIH Collaboratory Demonstration Projects are expected to share data and resources, such as protocols, consent documents, public use datasets, computable phenotypes, and analytic code. During the onboarding process, Demonstration Projects are given a Data and Resource Sharing Informational Document and an Onboarding Data and Resource Sharing Questionnaire to assist clinical investigators in developing data sharing plans. At closeout, Demonstration Projects are provided a Closeout Data and Resource Sharing Checklist and are expected to utilize this checklist to provide a final data share package.

For more on data sharing, see the Living Textbook chapter, Data Sharing and Embedded Research.