Podcast March 22, 2018: Straight from the Source: Clinicians’ Views on Participating in CER/PCOR (Sean Tunis, MD, MSc; Ellen Tambor, MA)

Sean TunisEllen Tambor

In this episode of the NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds podcast, Dr. Sean Tunis and Ellen Tambor of the Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP) speak with moderator Dr. Kevin Weinfurt about their findings on clinician attitudes on comparative effective research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR). The speakers discuss their findings on clinician attitudes towards research participation, and how and when to best engage them. They describe the need for involving clinicians in the planning of study design, and in closing feedback loops after studies are completed, in order to build clinicians’ trust that research does lead to quality improvement for their patients.

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Want to hear more from Sean Tunis and Ellen Tambor, and their colleague Rachael Moloney? View the full Grand Rounds presentation.

Tune in for our next episode with Grand Rounds speaker Dr. Robert Califf and his presentation “Data Science in the Era of Data Ubiquity,” which will be posted the week of April 2.

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