March 16, 2018: Straight from the Source: Clinicians’ Views on Participating in CER/PCOR


Ellen Tambor, MA
Research Director
Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP)

Rachael Moloney, MHS
Research Manager
Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP)

Sean Tunis, MD, MSc
President and CEO
Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP)


Straight from the Source: Clinicians’ Views on Participating in CER/PCOR


Pragmatic clinical trials; Clinical research; Comparative effectiveness research; Patient-centered outcomes research; Clinician engagement

Key Points

  • Qualitative, empirical evidence pertaining to clinician participation in comparative effectiveness and patient-centered outcomes research (CER/PCOR) is very limited.
  • Literature has shown that the biggest motivations for clinician involvement in research are improving patient care and contributing to clinical knowledge, rather than recognition or financial motives.
  • Early and ongoing engagement builds clinician trust, enthusiasm, confidence, and commitment in pragmatic trials.
  • Focus groups with clinicians made it clear that clinicians want to be involved in early stages of study design and want to protect their patients from feeling like “guinea pigs.”

Discussion Themes

Maintaining clinician and clinic staff engagement through booster trainings, and through recognizing their efforts, is key to the long-term success of a research project.

Engaging clinicians after a study also is important to ensure that the results are translated into better patient care by the people who provide that care.

There seems to be a difference in clinician perceptions of “quality improvement” versus “research,” because they are not used to seeing research results or a feedback loop for real change. Dissemination and implementation of research results are critical in seeing real changes in patient care.


For information on comparative effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR), visit the Living Textbook See also Perspectives on Clinician Engagement from the National Academy of Medicine


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