Podcast April 9, 2018: Data Science in the Era of Data Ubiquity (Robert Califf, MD)

In this episode of the NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds podcast, moderator Dr. Adrian Hernandez speaks with former FDA Commissioner and current Duke Forge Director Dr. Robert Califf about the opportunities and challenges for data science in an era where data are everywhere. Now that mobile phones and other portable electronic devices provide people with access to large amounts of data day or night, Dr. Califf addresses how researchers and health systems can ensure that accurate health information is reaching these audiences.  He shares his hope that technology and access to health resources will help to bridge gaps in health related to geography, race, and educational background, allowing all Americans to lead healthier lives.

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Want to hear more from Dr. Califf? View the full Grand Rounds presentation.

Tune in for our next episode with Grand Rounds speaker Dr. George Hripcsak and his presentation “OHDSI: Drawing Reproducible Conclusions from Observational Clinical Data,” which will be posted the week of April 16.

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