April 11, 2018: New Podcast: Dr. Robert Califf on Data Science in the Era of Data Ubiquity

The NIH Collaboratory is pleased to announce that the new episode of the Grand Rounds podcast is now available, featuring Dr. Robert Califf, former FDA Commissioner and current Director of Duke Forge. In this episode, Dr. Califf discusses with moderator Dr. Adrian Hernandez how the vast amount of information now available to people through cell phones and other devices is both an opportunity and obstacle for the field of data science.  While improving technology provides the chance to equalize access to health resources and knowledge for people across the country, it is also creates the challenge of ensuring that this information is complete and accurate.

Listen to the episode here:

At least once a month, we will release interviews with Grand Rounds speakers that delve into their topic of interest and give listeners bonus time with these featured experts.

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