May 14, 2020: Healthcare Innovation Highlights Launch of NIH Collaboratory’s EHR Workshop Grand Rounds Series

An article on the Healthcare Innovation website last week highlighted the launch of the NIH Collaboratory’s special Grand Rounds series on electronic health records (EHRs). The article discusses a presentation by Dr. Robert Califf, head of strategy and policy for Verily Life Sciences and Google Health, who envisioned how the healthcare system can learn from innovations being implementing during the COVID-19 emergency. Dr. Califf gave the opening keynote address for the EHR workshop series.

The article mentions the new Healthcare Worker Exposure Response and Outcomes (HERO) registry, funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), and the RECOVERY Trial, a national platform trial in the United Kingdom. Both of these COVID-19 studies were recently featured on NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds.

Read the full article and hear Dr. Califf’s keynote presentation.

The EHR Workshop Grand Rounds series, Advances at the Intersection of Digital Health, Electronic Health Records and Pragmatic Clinical Trials, will continue on May 29. Previous and upcoming presentations in the series include: