May 6, 2016: Clinician Engagement in the NIH Collaboratory and Beyond

May 6, 2016: Clinician Engagement in the NIH Collaboratory and Beyond


Clinician Engagement in the NIH Collaboratory and Beyond


Sean Tunis, MD, MSc, Founder, President, and CEO; Ellen S. Tambor, MS, Senior Research Manager; and Rachael M. Moloney, MHS, Research Manager—Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP)


Stakeholder engagement; Clinician engagement; Learning healthcare system; Pragmatic clinical trials; NIH Collaboratory Demonstration Projects

Key Points

  • The NIH Collaboratory’s Stakeholder Engagement Core is a forum in which a wide range of stakeholders can bring their different perspectives and expertise to work on overcoming barriers to a learning healthcare system.
  • The clinician role in research encompasses access to patients, provision of study information, participant recruitment, informed consent, protocol implementation, data collection, documentation, and implementation.
  • Taking the time to build relationships is the foundation of meaningful clinician engagement.
  • Facilitators of clinician engagement involve healthcare system leadership (culture supportive of research), clinical sites (adequate staffing and training, flexibility in clinical processes and priorities), and individual clinicians (belief in importance of study, sense of ownership, ongoing communication).
  • Qualitative, empirical evidence on clinician perspectives regarding participation in health systems-based comparative effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) is largely missing from our current knowledge base.

Discussion Themes

Did you get a sense that it's important to clinicians to hear how research turned out? Are there any best practices emerging for how to do that effectively?

It’s possible to decrease the workload of clinicians in cases where clinics have centralized resources. There are opportunities to test interventions that will yield better care, saved time, and more time for the hard day-to-day work that clinicians do.

Clinician engagement must be done all the way along, from beginning to end—it is a constant activity.

One idea is to work through existing practice-based research networks (PBRNs) that already have a relationship with clinicians for research.

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Read more about the NIH Collaboratory’s Stakeholder Engagement Core at

Information on stakeholder engagement at the Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP) is at

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