May 13, 2016: ABATE Infection Trial

May 13, 2016: ABATE Infection Trial


ABATE Infection Trial: Backstage Tour


Susan Huang, MD, Professor, Infectious Disease, School of Medicine, and Medical Director, Epidemiology and Infection Prevention, at the University of California, Irvine

Edward Septimus, MD, Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Epidemiology Clinical Services Group at Hospital Corporation of America


Hospital-associated infections; Cluster-randomized trial; CRT; ABATE Infection; MRSA; Chlorhexidine

Key Points

  • The objective of the trial was to evaluate if antiseptic bathing for all noncritical hospitalized patients and nasal ointment for MRSA carriers can reduce the burden of multidrug-resistant organisms and hospital-associated infections.
  • Numerous sectors within the healthcare system were involved in the support and implementation of the ABATE Infection intervention: corporate leadership, clinical services, compliance and regulatory affairs, infection prevention, quality, unit directors and managers, supply chain, pharmacy, laboratory and microbiology, and IT.
  • The ABATE Infection toolkit includes a 10-minute bathing demonstration video, a one-page study information sheet, and a quick intervention checklist.

Discussion Themes

If this intervention is found to work, what will the investigators say that a hospital must adopt to replicate their results?

Any campaign adopted in a hospital requires some maintenance over time. Aspects that proved quite useful were the presence of a local champion and just-in-time training of site staff.

For More Information

Information on the ABATE Infection trial is at the NIH Collaboratory:

Read about and watch the ABATE Infection training video here:

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