December 20, 2019: Embedded Pragmatic Clinical Trials: From Idea to Funding to Implementation: A Living Textbook Grand Rounds Series

Coming in 2020, the NIH Collaboratory will host a 5-part Grand Rounds Series focused on the Living Textbook. The series will feature Collaboratory expert speakers guiding the audience through the life cycle of an ePCT by way of the textbook—from idea to funding to implementation.

The series begins January 31 with “Pragmatic Clinical Trials: How Do I Start?” and will end June 19 with “Demystifying Biostatistical Concepts for Embedded Pragmatic Clinical Trials.”

See below for the full schedule of sessions and a special message from Dr. Kevin Weinfurt.

Full Schedule of sessions

Title Speakers Date
Pragmatic Clinical Trials:
How Do I Start?
Greg Simon, MD, MPH, KPWHRI

Lesley Curtis, PhD, Duke University

January 31, 2020
Preparing for the Unknown: Conducting Pragmatic Research in Real-World Contexts Jerry Jarvik, MD, MPH, University of Washington

Vince Mor, PhD, Brown University

Leah Tuzzio, MPH, KPWHRI

February 28, 2020
Tips for Putting Together a Successful PCT Grant Application Wendy Weber, ND, PhD, MPH, NCCIH March 27, 2020
Choosing What to Measure
and Making It Happen: Your Keys to Pragmatic Trial Success
Rachel Richesson, PhD, MPH, Duke University

Emily O’Brien, PhD, FAHA, Duke University

May 1, 2020
Demystifying Biostatistical Concepts for Embedded Pragmatic Clinical Trials Liz Turner, PhD, Duke University

Patrick Heagerty, PhD, University of Washington

David Murray, PhD, NIH

June 19, 2020


We hope you will join us to learn more about the fundamentals for designing and launching a successful ePCT. Please download the flyer for the Living Textbook Grand Rounds series and share with your colleagues and institution.