August 9, 2019: Open Science: Are we there yet? (Adrian Hernandez, MD)


Adrian Hernandez, MD
Professor of Medicine
Vice Dean for Clinical Research
Duke University, School of Medicine


Open Science: Are We There Yet?


Open science; Data sharing; Secondary analyses; Research collaboration

Key Points

  • Open science involves the responsible sharing of research data for the purpose of scientific advancement, integrity, and transparency.
  • Various stakeholders have made progress toward sharing clinical trial data, including:
  • Guiding principles of open science include appropriate access to research information; proper oversight with minimum barriers to data access; maintaining utility of data; an expectation that results of shared data will similarly be shared; and acknowledgment of those who contribute original data.
  • Despite efforts at supporting open science, no academic institution has an open science policy yet.

Discussion Themes

Open science remains an important goal to build trust and expand knowledge.

Data sharing is not a traditional measure of academic success. What incentives would need to change in order to support open science?


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