August 8, 2019: NIH Seeks Guidance on Education Curricula Addressing Pain and Opioid Misuse and Use Disorder

The NIH released a request for information from the scientific research and medical education community and the general public regarding Centers of Excellence in Pain Education (CoEPEs), general pain education, and curricula addressing opioid misuse or use disorder.

Topics of interest include:

  • the content and delivery of institutions’ current curricula on pain, pain management, and opioid use disorder;
  • highest-priority needs for training resources and infrastructure in these areas;
  • input on the current education content of CoEPEs; and
  • comments on the importance of endorsement by accreditation bodies and professional licensure for incorporating training into institutions’ curricula.

Healthcare professionals, teaching faculty, students, professional associations, accrediting organizations, and others are invited to respond by September 1, 2019.