Additional Resources

Monitoring Intervention Fidelity and Adaptations

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Additional Resources


Leah Tuzzio, MPH

Eric Larson, MD, MPH

James Fraser


Contributing Editor

Liz Wing, MA

Journal articles
Tuzzio et al. Healthc (Amst), 2019 Pragmatic clinical trials offer unique opportunities for disseminating, implementing, and sustaining evidence-based practices into clinical care: Proceedings of a workshop
Weinfurt et al. BMC Med Res Method, 2017 Pragmatic clinical trials embedded in healthcare systems: generalizable lessons from the NIH Collaboratory
RE-AIM From the website description: The goal of RE-AIM is to encourage program planners, evaluators, readers of journal articles, funders, and policy-makers to pay more attention to essential program elements including external validity that can improve the sustainable adoption and implementation of effective, generalizable, evidence-based interventions.
Dissemination and Implementation Models in Health Research and Practice From the website description: Adapt: D&I researchers often utilize theory-based approaches that evolve over time based on empirical testing. As you “shop” for an appropriate model, you should review the core concepts, proposed relationships, and outcomes to be sure you are fully informed beyond what is depicted on the graphic. It is helpful to gather associated literature to define concepts and identify any issues or recommended adaptations based on prior studies. There is likely no comprehensive model that will perfectly fit every study, so it may be necessary to either adapt a model and/or to combine multiple models for your study.
Online presentations
Videocast of NIH Workshop on D&I This is a full-day videocast workshop hosted by the NIH on the topic Pragmatic Clinical Trials–Unique Opportunities for Disseminating, Implementing, and Sustaining Evidence-Based Practices into Clinical Care (May 2017).
RE-AIM Introduction Video This is a 10-minute YouTube video where an originator of RE-AIM, Dr. Russell Glasgow, describes the framework (March 2019).
Using RE-AIM Beginning With the End in Mind: Using RE-AIM to Guide Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. This is a webinar conducted by Dr. Laura Balis, University of Wyoming Extension (February 2019).
Grand Rounds webinars
November 8, 2019 Lumbar Imaging with Reporting of Epidemiology: Initial Results and Some Lessons Learned (Jeffrey Jarvik, MD, MPH, Patrick Heagerty, PhD)
April 19, 2019 Trauma Survivors Outcomes & Support (TSOS) Pragmatic Trial: Revisiting Effectiveness & Implementation Aims (Doug Zatzick, MD)



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Monitoring Intervention Fidelity and Adaptations: Additional Resources. In: Rethinking Clinical Trials: A Living Textbook of Pragmatic Clinical Trials. Bethesda, MD: NIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory. Available at: Updated March 25, 2020.