Podcast June 22, 2018: Research at Scale – Exploring What is Possible with High-Quality Real-World Data. Examples from Flatiron Health. (Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD)

In this episode of the NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds podcast, Dr. Amy Abernethy discusses research at scale, with examples from Flatiron Health. In her discussion with moderator Adrian Hernandez, Dr. Abernethy focuses on the goals of Flatiron Health, approaches for building data-sets and underlying infrastructure, what’s next on the horizon for Flatiron Health, and more.

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Want to hear more from Dr. Abernethy? View the full Grand Rounds presentation.

Tune in for our next episode with Grand Rounds speaker Dr. Aaron McKethan and his presentation “Policy & Priorities: Rethinking University Research with State Data” which will be posted the week of July 2.

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