Podcast July 17, 2018: Clinical Trial Participants’ Views of the Risks and Benefits of Data Sharing (Michelle Mello, JD, PhD)

In this episode of the NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds podcast, Dr. Michelle Mello discusses a study she and Dr. Steven Goodman recently conducted to determine how clinical trial participants think about having their participant-level data widely shared. In her discussion with Dr. Lesley Curtis, Dr. Mello discusses study results, what she found most surprising, and how the study revealed takeaways for researchers and clinical trial sponsors.

Study results are published in “Clinical Trial Participants’ Views of the Risks and Benefits of Data Sharing” in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Want to hear more from Dr. Mello? View the full Grand Rounds presentation.

Tune in for our next episode with Grand Rounds speaker Dr. Steven Steinhubl and his presentation “A Digital Pragmatic Direct-to-Participant Clinical Trial for Identifying Underdiagnosed Atrial Fibrillation in a Large Health Plan Population” which will be posted the week of August 6. 

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