November 22, 2019: It’s Time to Learn From Patients Like Mine (Nigam H. Shah, MBBS, PhD)


Nigam H. Shah, MBBS, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Stanford University


It’s Time to Learn From Patients Like Mine


Clinical informatics; Clinical data warehouse; Aggregate patient data; Consult service; Cohort search engine

Key Points

  • The “Green Button” service consists of software, data, and personnel. Multiple datasets are used in the analysis, along with a human filter.
  • The search engine can find matching patients by searching across diagnosis and procedure codes, concepts extracted from clinical notes, laboratory test results, vital signs, as well as visit types and duration of inpatient stays, and then compare their outcomes.
  • Questions that remain include:
    • Does having such a consult service change patient outcomes?
    • How could we enable such consults nationwide?
    • Could we automate such analyses to be “always on”?
    • Could we get such a “curbside consult” from multiple health systems?
    • Could patients benefit from having access to such reports?

Discussion Themes

Could this technology be applied in emergent, critical patient settings where the care is more diagnostic, and where predictive modeling using health system data could be helpful?

What’s missing from the data that would improve accuracy or relevance? For example, social, demographic, and environmental data.

Read more about Stanford’s Green Button clinical informatics consult project.

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