August 25, 2017: NIH Collaboratory Launches New Website With Expert Insight on Pragmatic Trials

Today, the NIH Collaboratory launched its new website, Rethinking Clinical Trials: A Living Textbook of Pragmatic Clinical Trials. The updated website serves as the new home for comprehensive information about the NIH Collaboratory program, as well as a rich source of knowledge about special considerations for pragmatic clinical trials at each step of the research process.

“The new Living Textbook will help to change the way research is conducted by promoting best practices for pragmatic clinical trials. Easy access to this vast knowledge base will help expand the capabilities for conducting pragmatic research within health care systems, ultimately leading to advances in healthcare,” said Kevin Weinfurt, editor-in-chief of the Living Textbook.

Watch a welcome video from Kevin Weinfurt, and explore the site to view:

  • 12 detailed chapters with expert insight on pragmatic trials
  • Descriptions of unique challenges posed by pragmatic trials and solutions to these
  • Real-world examples from the NIH Collaboratory
  • Up-to-date information on best practices for designing and conducting pragmatic trials
  • Strategies for disseminating and implementing evidence from pragmatic trials
  • Details on the importance of pragmatic trials and their impact on healthcare
  • Comprehensive information about the NIH Collaboratory program, including its Demonstration Projects, Core Working Groups, News, Events, and more

We encourage you to provide your feedback on the new website by answering a brief survey.