May 11, 2018: Launching the NESTcc Data Network to Improve the use of Real-World Evidence in the Medical Device Ecosystem


Rachael Fleurence, PhD
Executive Director, National Evaluation System for health Technology Coordinating Center (NESTcc)
Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC)


Launching the NESTcc Data Network to Improve the use of Real-World Evidence in the Medical Device Ecosystem


NESTcc; Unique device identification; Real-world evidence; Clinical research; Medical device; Clinical data; Technology; Innovative research; Data models

Key Points

  • The mission of NESTcc is to accelerate the development and translation of new and safe technologies to leverage real-world evidence and innovative research.
  • NESTcc is building a sustainable network of collaborators committed to advancing real-world evidence generation.
  • NESTcc is launching 4 subcommittees to aid in establishing its value in the medical device ecosystem: the Charter Committee, the Sustainability Committee, the Data Quality Committee, and the Methods Committee.
  • NESTcc data currently represents more than 400 million records.

Discussion Themes

Unique device identification (UDI) will aid researchers in determining the type of device that is being used. Over the next few years, health systems will likely realize the benefits of using UDI, not only for research but for operations of care. Because device manufacturers have their own registries, it is possible to make linkages with health system data.

NESTcc has ambitious goals. The key is to be able to do proof of concept for a small number of devices that are scalable to others.

The integration of multiple data models provides NESTcc with flexibility, allows for more cohesion in determining the way to optimize, and allows NESTcc to build on expertise.

NESTcc plans to provide proof of concept within the next 2 years, and if successful will be scalable within 5 years.


For information on NESTcc, visit and follow @NESTccMedTech on Twitter.


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