January 19, 2018: The Healthcare Pivot: Technology and Transformation of Healthcare


Kevin A. Schulman, MD
Professor of Medicine
Associate Director, Duke Clinical Research Institute
Visiting Scholar, Harvard Business School


The Healthcare Pivot: Technology and Transformation of Healthcare


Pragmatic clinical trial; mHealth; Electronic health data; Data mining; Machine Learning; Health IT

Key Points

  • Health IT implementation is affected by multiple factors including data analytics, business workflow and process improvement, and patient engagement.
  • Mobile health (mHealth) can deliver actionable data to clinicians, with detailed reporting, peer comparisons, and provider “report cards.”
  • The mPower initiative aims to enable patients to take ownership over their healthcare, including storing and accessing their electronic health records via their mobile phones.
  • The HeartStrong trial demonstrated the positive effect of electronic reminders and online social support on medication adherence and overall patient outcomes.
  • What if 50% of healthcare was delivered via mHealth by 2025?

Discussion Themes

A family of four with a median income of $75,000 will pay over $18,000 in healthcare expenses per year, so it is critical to build value and efficiency within the system.

Informatics is central to the top five fastest growing companies in the U.S., so leveraging health IT will help with scalability of the digitalization of healthcare data.

Who will drive innovation in healthcare in the future?  Academic medical centers?  Insurance companies? It will depend on the leadership of a group deciding that innovation will solve large-scale societal healthcare issues.


For information on the role of mHealth in healthcare systems, visit http://bit.ly/2BfchqX


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