June 24, 2016: Recommendations for Recruitment

June 24, 2016: Recommendations for Recruitment


Recommendations for Recruitment: Moving Recruitment Planning Upstream To Reduce Barriers to Participation


Holly Massett, PhD, National Cancer Institute, and Kelly McKee, Eli Lilly and Company


Clinical trials recruitment; Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative; CTTI

Key Points

  • A huge number of clinical trials fail to meet recruitment goals, leading to delays, early trial termination, or an inability to draw conclusions at trial completion due to loss of statistical power.
  • The conduct and success of clinical trials rely on the will and dedication of participants. One key is making sure the trial is worth doing, that it asks an important question, and that the endpoints are significant.
  • Successful recruitment requires a critical level of thought more inclusive of all relevant stakeholders and paying close attention to upstream activities that may have downstream impact.

Discussion Themes

Embed recruitment intervention studies into clinical trials and then share the results to develop best practices.

Streamline the trial protocol with input from participant-partners; minimize the burden of data collection to only data necessary to answer the scientific question.

“Rigorous attention to minimizing recruitment challenges at the trial design and protocol development stages is essential if the necessary culture shift is to be achieved—one that holistically integrates recruitment planning into study design and development.” (CTTI)

Protocol planning and seeking stakeholder input are resource-intensive activities—how can we get support for those?

For More Information

Download CTTI’s recommendations and tools for efficient and effective clinical trial recruitment planning at their website: http://bit.ly/291X0ir.

View results from CTTI's survey on recruitment barriers, published in Applied Clinical Trials: Barriers to Clinical Trial Recruitment and Possible Solutions: A Stakeholder Survey

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