December 1, 2017: Providing a Shared Repository of Detailed Clinical Models for All of Health and Healthcare


Stanley M. Huff, MD
Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Intermountain Healthcare and Professor (Clinical) of Biomedical Informatics
University of Utah

W. Ed Hammond, PhD
Duke Center for Health Informatics
Clinical & Translational Science Institute
Duke University


Providing a Shared Repository of Detailed Clinical Models for All of Health and Healthcare


Pragmatic clinical trial; Clinical research; Clinical Information Interoperability Council; Repository; Learning Health System; Patient care; Data collection; Data dissemination

Key Points

  • The Clinical Information Interoperability Council (CIIC) was created to address the lack of standardized data definitions and to increase the ability to share data for improved patient care and research.
  • Accurate computable data should be the foundation of a Learning Health System (LHS), which will lead to better patient care through executable clinical decision-support modules.
  • The ultimate goal of the CIIC is to create ubiquitous sharing of data across medicine including patient care, clinical research, device data, and billing and administration.
  • The three most important questions for the CIIC are what data to collect, how the data should be modeled, and what are computable definitions of the data?

Discussion Themes

All stakeholders need to agree to work together and to allow practicing front-line clinicians to direct the work.

Stakeholders should use and share common tools to create models, and share the models through an open internet accessible repository.

The goal of the repository is to have a common representation digitally for what happened in the real world, by creating agreed-upon names and definitions for a common data set.

What level of vetting is appropriate for data definitions? This should not be a popularity contest for data, but rather a decision made by expert judges.

For More Information

For information on dissemination approaches for different healthcare stakeholders, visit the Living Textbook


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