April 6, 2020: Convening Pain Management Expertise in the Patient-Centered Outcomes Core: An Interview With Dr. Kevin Weinfurt

The Collaboratory recently interviewed Kevin Weinfurt, PhD, co-chair of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Core working group, to hear about the Core’s plans for supporting the PRISM Demonstration Projects. In this video, Dr. Weinfurt says one challenge for embedded trials of pain is in obtaining high-quality, complete patient-reported outcome data on pain intensity and functioning. Along with other national initiatives focused on pain research, such as the NIH-DoD-VA Pain Management Collaboratory, a chief task of the Core will be to look at efforts to harmonize pain outcomes across studies.

“The Core serves as a convener of expertise in pain management within the Collaboratory. We keep an eye on issues across the Demonstration Projects that might also be of interest to the broader pragmatic trial community.”

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