April 7, 2020: Support for the PRISM Embedded PCTs From the Health Care Systems Interactions Core

In a recent video interview, Dr. Eric Larson, chair of the Collaboratory’s Health Care Systems Interactions Core, and Leah Tuzzio, research associate, describe ways the Core is supporting the PRISM Demonstration Projects. A priority for conducting embedded PCTs (ePCTs) is establishing strong, sustainable relationships between the study team and health system leadership, clinicians, and staff.

For researchers who are evaluating pain management interventions, the Core advises remaining flexible when integrating the intervention and being mindful of documenting any adaptations made throughout the trial. Other best practices include understanding the context of the health setting, anticipating road blocks, and incorporating the intervention with minimal burden to clinicians and staff.

“Pain is a complicated area. It’s not a specific disease, it’s a state, and it’s a state that everybody experiences.”

For additional suggestions from the Core, read the new chapter in the Living Textbook on how to monitor intervention fidelity and adaptations. Learn more about the Health Care Systems Interactions Core and view interviews with the PRISM Demonstration Projects: