March 8, 2019: Dietary Trials in Heart Failure: SODIUM-HF (Justin Ezekowitz, MBBCh, MSc)

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Justin A. Ezekowitz, MBBCh, MSc
Professor, University of Alberta
Co-Director, Canadian VIGOUR Centre
Cardiologist, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute


Dietary Trials in Heart Failure: SODIUM-HF


Multicenter clinical trial; Heart failure; Dietary sodium; Cardiovascular health; Clinical equipoise; Clinical guidelines; SODIUM-HF

Key Points

  • The SODIUM-HF trial is a multicenter, multinational dietary study evaluating the long-term effects of a low-sodium diet in patients with heart failure on a composite clinical outcome of all-cause mortality, cardiovascular (CV) hospitalizations, and CV emergency department visits.
  • The recommended amount of dietary sodium for patients with heart failure varies among the guidelines, ranging from no restriction to <2300mg per day.
  • Among the successes of the study are the important research question, a simple electronic case report form, engaged clinicians and staff, 100% remote monitoring, and a low administrative burden.

Discussion Themes

Sodium restriction is one of the most challenging things for patients to undertake as it affects their lifestyle significantly.

What is your perspective on the importance of a low-sodium diet for patients with heart failure, given that low sodium was shown to be harmful in some studies?

How do you balance wanting a pragmatic/practical intervention versus wanting a rigorous test of your hypothesis?

For more information on this study, visit the SODIUM-HF trial website and


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