March 20, 2020: Clinical Trials in the Time of COVID-19 (Susanna Naggie, MD; Adrian Hernandez, MD, MHS; Eric Perakslis, PhD)


Susanna Naggie, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Research Initiatives and Regulatory Affairs
Duke University School of Medicine

Adrian F. Hernandez, MD, MHS
Professor of Medicine
Vice Dean for Clinical Research
Duke University School of Medicine

Eric Perakslis, PhD
Rubenstein Fellow
Duke University


Clinical Trials in the Time of COVID-19


Infectious disease; Coronavirus; Pandemic response; COVID-19; Population health; Clinical trials; Human subject protections; Contingency measures; Vaccine; Contact tracing

Key Points

Discussion Themes

Do you anticipate that statisticians will need to account for period effect in later analysis of data (pre/post COVID-19)?

Are there lessons learned from the last epidemics, for example H1N1 or Ebola? How can we deal with global pandemics in the future?

What about clinical trials in the elderly population, given that they are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus and may not be as good with technology as younger participants?

Would it be possible to set up a multisite telehealth-based outbreak learning health unit?

Recent news announcements are available at NIH Announces Guidance for Clinical Trials Affected by COVID-19 Emergency and NIH Shares COVID-19 Guidance and Resources for Applicants and Recipients.

Johns Hopkins University maintains a live website of Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases.

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