June 29, 2018: Policy & Priorities: Rethinking University Research with State Data (Aaron McKethan, PhD)


Aaron McKethan, PhD
Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences, Duke School of Medicine
Senior Policy Fellow, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy
Chief Data Officer, NC DHHS


Policy & Priorities: Rethinking University Research with State Data


State data; Policy implications; Research; Analytic priorities; Front-end technology

Key Points

  • In order to effectively incorporate state data in university research, policy implications must be considered at the beginning of the planning process.
  • There is a need for analytic priorities when determining how to rethink university research with state data.
  • What is known? What is not known? What are the highest-priority questions? These are the types of questions that must be asked when determining analytic priorities for the inclusion of state data in university research.
  • Using state data to help support university research provides better front-end technology, collaboration with community-based organizations, and more.

Discussion Themes

Being explicit about the type of analytics and the research questions we are trying to answer, will improve the process of better understanding how policy and priorities of the state can be used to impact university-level research.

To impact policy, we must be open to arrangements between the state and universities that will potentially generate research results may be hard to publish but could be widely impactful.

The notion of incorporating state data into university-level research is, in a way, related to the work of NIH Collaboratory and PCORnet. All entities are working towards making research more accessible and practical.



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