July 26, 2019: Digital in Trials: Improving Participation and Enabling Novel Endpoints (Craig H. Lipset)


Craig H. Lipset
Former Head of Clinical Innovation, Pfizer


Digital in Trials: Improving Participation and Enabling Novel Endpoints


Digital tools; Clinical trials; Participant experience; Patient engagement; Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

Key Points

  • To improve trial participation, start by understanding the user/consumer; ie, the trial participant and his or her trial experience.
  • Digital improvements in clinical trials can involve these incremental steps:
    • Study planning that is data-driven, crowdsourced, and informed by artificial intelligence
    • Patient engagement that implements electronic consent, flexibility in location, digital concierge support, and data ownership
    • Study conduct that integrates remote monitoring, digital biomarkers, and electronically sourced data
    • Analysis and reporting that is automated and includes dissemination to trial participants

Discussion Themes

Will digital tools in medicine development enable improvement, disruption, or displacement?

Digital tools in development focus on breaking down barriers to participation, using digital to improve existing measurement or enable new endpoints, and automating processes and tasks while improving quality.


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