February 2014 Steering Committee Meeting

Steering Committee Meeting

February 24-25, 2014
Bethesda, MD

Standing left to right: Bev Green, Sarah Duffy, Ed Septimus, Lynn DeBar, Greg Simon, Jerry Jarvik, Clayton Huntley, Laura Dember, Gila Neta, Partap Khalsa, Jerry Suls
Sitting left to right: Michael Lauer, Catherine Meyers, Josephine Briggs, Barry Coller, Rob Califf, Eric Larson, Wendy Weber, Rich Platt, Barbara Wells

Main Purpose

The purpose of this meeting is to celebrate the progress that has been made over the first year; discuss lessons learned; hear updates from the Cores, Working Groups, and Committees; and plan for the implementation phase of UH3s as well as the onboarding of the new UH2s.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Presenters: Josephine Briggs, MD, Robert Califf, MD, and Barry Coller, MD
Topic: Ethics Speaker
Presenter: Nancy Kass, ScD
Topic: NIH Work on Ethics
NIH Bioethics: Research to Inform Policy
Presenter: Kathy Hudson, PhD

Topic: Report on Ethics Supplements

Topic: Overview of Ethics and Regulatory Issues (Discussion Only)
Discussion led by: Robert Califf, MD, and Jeremy Sugarman, MD, MPH, MA
Topic: Distributed Research Network (DRN) Network Querying Capabilities/Investigator and NIH Initiative Use of the DRN
The NIH Collaboratory Distributed Research Network
Presenter: Richard Platt, MD, MSc

Topic: Data Governance/Data Sharing and the Distributed Research Network

Reception and Dinner Presentations

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Remarks by: Barry Coller, MD, Josephine Briggs, MD, and Robert Califf, MD
Topic: Lessons Learned from Cores/Working Groups

Topic: Lessons Learned from the Demonstration Projects (Discussion led by Eric Larson, MD, MPH)


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