Stakeholder Engagement Across the Research Continuum

Stakeholder Engagement Across the Research Continuum

  • Choosing a research question
  • Designing the intervention and informing on potential sustainability
  • Selecting outcome measures
  • Determining inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Designing the study protocol to minimize burden for patients and clinicians
  • Determining study requirements (e.g., regulatory)
  • Promoting and supporting the study
  • Drafting/reviewing study materials
  • Providing resources

  • Developing recruitment strategies
  • Promoting and assessing compliance with study requirements (e.g., regulatory)
  • Serving as study champions
  • Assisting with strategies for participant retention
  • Solving problems and removing barriers
  • Considering privacy and data sharing issues
  • Advising on analyses
  • Interpreting study results

  • Determining key messages for different stakeholder groups
  • Identifying avenues for dissemination
  • Assisting with the development of manuscripts and other dissemination materials
  • Sharing findings via professional networks and social media
  • Supporting implementation or de-implementation of intervention
  • Considering changes


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