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Stakeholder Interviews

In 2017, the NIH CollaboratoTools for Researchry conducted a series of interviews with leaders of the Core Working Groups to hear their reflections on the accomplishments of the first 5 years of their Core and the challenges ahead. The Collaboratory also interviewed the Principal Investigators of the pragmatic clinical trial Demonstration Projects to hear about the challenges and lessons learned that may help the conduct of future pragmatic trials.

2017 Interviews with Core Working Group Leaders
For more information on these Cores, visit the Core Working Groups websites.
2017 Interviews with Demonstration Project Principal Investigators
For more information on these trials, visit the Demonstration Project websites.

In 2015, the Collaboratory conducted interviews with the PIs of the original set of Demonstration Projects as they were beginning the implementation phase.

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2015 Interviews with Demonstration Project Principal Investigators



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