​Stakeholder Engagement

​Stakeholder Engagement

Chair: Sean Tunis

NIH Representatives: David Chambers, Jerry Suls

Project Manager: Rachael M. Moloney


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The Stakeholder Engagement Core provides a forum for a wide range of stakeholders to bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the work of identifying, defining, and overcoming barriers to the transformation to a learning healthcare system. Its primary focus is to understand differences of opinion and to channel that information back to the Collaboratory to promote its long-term success.

The Core, led by Sean Tunis at the Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP), has established an external stakeholder advisory group (SAG) with representation from different types of stakeholders. SAG members convene in person annually and participate in regular teleconferences to provide consultation and feedback to the Collaboratory. The objectives of these discussions include the following:

  • Clarify why transformation to a learning healthcare system is important for organizations, their employees, and the patients they serve

  • Provide feedback on study design and implementation issues nominated by the Cores and Demonstration Project teams for input

  • Suggest approaches for widely disseminating best practices and guidelines for conducting research studies in partnership with healthcare systems to a broad audience of healthcare systems and related stakeholders, including those not involved with the Collaboratory


Lynn DeBar, PhD, MPH, and Carmit McMullen, PhD, from the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research discuss embedding complex pragmatic trials in delivery systems. 


10/16/2017: Reflections on the Stakeholder Engagement Core

5/15/2015: Dr. Sean Tunis Discusses Work of the Stakeholder Engagement Core

9/18/2014: Dr. Sean Tunis Discusses the Stakeholder Engagement Core


5/9/2016: Stakeholder Engagement Core Presentation at
Steering Committee Meeting

11/21/2014: Grand Rounds Presentation: Successes Evolving from Constraints: Lessons Learned about Embedding Complex Pragmatic Trials in Delivery Systems (Video; Slides)

9/5/2014: Grand Rounds Presentation: Stakeholder Perspectives on the Business Case for Learning in Health Care (Video; Slides)

8/19/2014: Stakeholder Engagement Core Presentation at Steering Committee Meeting

3/7/2014: Grand Rounds Presentation: Patient Engagement in Research and Infrastructure Development (Video; Slides)

2/25/2014: Stakeholder Engagement Core Presentation at Steering Committee Meeting

7/12/2013: Grand Rounds Presentation: Insights from the First In-Person Meeting of the Stakeholder Advisory Group (Video; Slides)

3/1/2013: Grand Rounds Presentation: The Collaboratory's Stakeholder Engagement Core (Video; Slides)

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