April 18, 2017: New Foundation Established to Advance the Sustainability of PCORnet

In March 2017, a new nonprofit organization was set up to support the vision and successes of PCORnet, the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network. The People-Centered Research Foundation is committed to the acceleration of people-driven research and will involve patients, participants, patient advocates, and caregivers in leadership roles and in the development and execution of clinical research. The Foundation’s key activities will center on “high-quality clinical effectiveness research that combines clinical assessments with the outcomes that matter most to people.”

At present, the Foundation has a robust business plan in place, with a 7-member board that is expected to grow to 13. It is currently seeking excellent candidates to serve as the inaugural Executive Director (PDF).

“PCRF will partner with all stakeholders in the clinical research enterprise to prioritize, design and conduct research, including patients, clinicians, health system leaders, representatives from the life sciences industry, patient advocacy groups, clinician professional organizations, and the government.” Robert Califf, MD, PCRF Board Chair

People-Centered Research Foundation

PCRF mission: To engage patients, families, research participants, clinicians, scientists, and health system leaders in the design, conduct, dissemination, and implementation of research and analysis that leads to improvements in the health and well-being of individuals and populations and the performance of health care delivery systems.

Seeking Executive Director (PDF)